Lights Out: EMP Super Boxset

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So I found this really interesting. This box set is a collaboration between 2 dystopian writers, which is probably why it’s 6 books long.

I’ve only read the first book so far (yes, cheating, I started before July 5) but what I really like is that they’re not afraid to put the main characters in eminent danger. As with most books and tv shows before George RR Martin and The Walking Dead. You never have to worry about the main character. Jack Bauer was never going to die and neither was Katniss Everdeen. But considering all the things they put people through in the first book, I wouldn’t be surprised to have some major casualties along the way.

I plan to keep posting about this series as I read them. I guess I really just need to find one more book now!!

Oh and this set is free on Kindle too!!

1 comments on “Lights Out: EMP Super Boxset”

  1. Hello out there! Looking forward to your progress through this set– sounds like it will keep you busy at least for a little while!! It’ll be fun to see what you think of the whole thing at the end 🙂


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