The Very Last Day– Hooray!

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Hello friends!

Today is the last official day of the reading adventure. I hope you had fun. It has been great to read your posts throughout the last ten weeks. Please feel free to keep posting as you wrap up.

I am still planning on doing a winter challenge but will likely wait until after the holidaze so that people can engage more. I was thinking of focusing on a set number of pages instead of a number of books in the winter challenge. Might be a fun change– what do you think?

I was thinking about short books over the last few days and the slight pang of guilt I have when looking over my reading list that I finished in ten weeks. I had three books that were not very long, but I realized a few things:

  1. When a writer writes a short book, do you think they believe it to be any less of a book than someone who writes longer?
  2. I probably wouldn’t have read those three books were it not for this reading adventure.

I think what matters in these weeks of intense reading is trying to get better– trying to explore and think about things that matter to us. I hope you got a least a little of that.

I will rename the site in a while and reach out to you to encourage another open reading season as we move into fall. Feel free to give me some ideas if you have them.



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