You’ll Grow Out of It…


Good morning all! I know I’m already lagging behind. I’m not good with making lists and sticking to the list. My book choices fluctuate with the mood and emotional state I find myself in manifesting in ways of feeding into meltdown, pulling myself out of meltdown, feeding my knowledge, feeding my soul (with comedy or art).

The first book I am posting about I must confess was started before the challenge. I started listening to this audiobook, “You’ll Grow Out of It” by Jessi Klein before the 45th was sworn in. I was enjoying it, but put it down to focus on making pink pussy hats for the Women’s March on Washington. Usually I listen to audiobooks while working on fiber projects, but since I needed to learn the hat pattern via Youtube and concentrate on counting stitches, I couldn’t multitask with other information.

This past week I renewed my library rental of this book. I remember enjoying the first half, even though it wasn’t quite what I expected. Was it a good book? Yes…but… Was it entertaining? Yes…but… Was I sad when it was over? Yes…but… That “but” is a nagging empty feeling. I wanted to be taken away in a fit of laughter. And under the Obama administration, I was able to ride out that guilty pleasure. The subject of this humorous memoir is very relatable for me, yet there was something trivial and self-indulgent about listening to her narration. I’m not hating on Ms. Klein. I’m not hating on this book either. I just hate that the past month of my life has felt as though the world has been turned inside out. I was already aware of the racism, sexism, and xenophobia in The United States. I was already making feminist art. But right now I’m trying to push through a feeling of desperation and helplessness. That’s a lot of pressure for a book to carry.

2 comments on “You’ll Grow Out of It…”

  1. I am with you– everything feels so urgent, but I am trying not to let fear creep into my actions too much. I am going to spend one day a week not looking at the news and spending that time reading instead. I think this is probably the healthiest compromise I can make at this point.


    1. That’s smart. About a week and a half ago I went to the movies with my boyfriend. I actually had the thought as I was silencing my phone, “What horrifying this is going to happen in the next two hours?”

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