Week 2: 293 pages or 14.5% of Goal


Well, 14.5% makes me feel less ‘behind’ than I might really be– talk about massaging the data, ha! Ah, fake news– alternate facts– yes, indeed.

I am at 293 pages since I finished reading the silly book I mentioned last week Pop Goes the Murder by Kristi Abbott, which was just stupid enough to keep me flipping the pages without worrying too much about the world around me– I would analogize it to trashy television. This book is equivalent to something in television like Drop Dead Diva if you catch my drift?

The story went on for far longer than necessary and the prose were obviously nothing to write home about. This was a grab off the rack before me–bulging with mystery paperbacks– at the register of Barnes and Noble. Rebecca got divorced and opened a popcorn shop in her hometown after returning to live with her sister — who is pregnant– and husband.  Her ex husband is a French dude who has a cooking television show and wants to feature the popcorn shop, aptly named POPS. The shop also sells great coffee– odd combo if you ask me.

When Antione, the French ex husband, comes to town with his television crew his right hand assistant, Melanie, is murdered! Of course, Antoine couldn’t have done it but is accused and thrown in jail. Rebecca is destined to avenge him despite her new relationship with Garrett, a local lawyer.

You get the point– this was the lightest read I’ve encountered in ages. It felt good to read easily for a bit. I am hoping to pick up the pace and be a little farther along next week! Hope you all are doing well this week 🙂

3 comments on “Week 2: 293 pages or 14.5% of Goal”

  1. This is exactly the time when escaping with a book that demands just to be read and enjoyed for the way it tunes out the daily incomprehensibility is the perfect thing to do. Popcorn and coffee–hmm. Good thing it’s fiction!

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  2. Coffee goes with everything. I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. Maybe I’ll make some popcorn, sip on some coffee, and watch a movie…a BOOK! I mean read a book, because this is a reading group and books are better. (I probably won’t get much reading done today.)

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    1. How about I try to inspire you — and we meet in the middle, how’s a book on tape? Or, maybe even a book adapted to film?! (reaching…) I hope you get well- looking forward to connected in real life next week!


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