Week 5: LOL 737 pages; 36.5% (0.2% increase from last week AKA 5 pages)

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Guess what? I didn’t read anything in the last week. In fact, I failed to post about the Bad Feminist essay we are reading as a group in my last post, and figured I’d wrap it into this one– well, that’s the only update I have.

I read Why I am a Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay (five whopping pages! yahoo!). I loved it and bought the book because I felt like this essay was a TEASE (in the best kind of way). I actually wasn’t sure what the term ‘bad feminist’ really meant. It certainly wasn’t what I expected, and it made my happy. I, personally, have never identified myself as a feminist for similar reasons that she explains. I always felt alienated and separate from feminist ideals and stuff– sometimes it felt too militant, and I feel that Gay describes this sentiment very well.

I am really looking forward to digging into the whole series of essays once I get my act together. Daniela, thank you again for bringing this important work to our group.

I believe next week will prove much better for me in making progress– my husband is helping move my brother to California, so I will have some nice alone time in the evenings to really get to it. Hoping to get up to speed by next week– wish me luck!

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