Scattered Reading and Trying to Keep Up

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Needless to say, I have been at loose ends trying to keep my head in a book these past few weeks.  But, I have been reading bits and pieces of things that have been adding up to a few pages-  I am not sure if I will make it to the 2017 mark at the end of the rainbow– but I do feel the challenge has kept my commitment to return to balanced reading on the forefront of my mind, and I do feel a few steps closer to getting back on track….

Anyway, here is what I have been working with:

15 pages in Wendell Berry’s collection of essays and poems, “What Are People For?” — 9 pages: poems “Damage” and “Healing” ;  6 pages: “A Poem of Difficult Hope”

25 pages in Wendell Berry’s “Home Economics” — 11 pages: essay “Men and Women in Search of Common Ground” ;  14 pages: essay “Property, Patriotism and National Defense”

21 pages in Denise Levertov’s “Light up the Cave” — 3 pages: “Speech for Rally on the Boston Common, Sept 15, 1979” ; 8 pages: “Two Speeches about Survival and a Message to Children, 1980” ;  3 pages: “A Women’s Document” ; 7 pages: “On Muriel Rukeyser”

4 pages in Bernadette Mayer’s “The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters” — 4 pages: “The Day Thurman Munson Died”

232 pages in the novel “The Clasp” by Sloane Crosley:  this is a book I picked up from my favorite used bookstore in Maine.  I am trying to read and finish it as a distraction book- something to keep my mind off of everything that is happening in the world.  It is a decent story, but I have had a hard time focusing on the storyline..  that said, I am sticking with it, I really do want to see what happens (will post a more in-depth review when I finish)..

So that adds up to……..  297 pages…  yikes!!  So far to go… (I swear- I feel that I have been reading more, and maybe just not keeping track…!)..  In any case, I feel better posting here and coming clean.  Will be back with a bit more as I go on…




1 comments on “Scattered Reading and Trying to Keep Up”

  1. Hi meredith, thank you for posting– great to see you here. I’ll look forward to your review of The Clasp- I have not read but am familiar with the title.


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