Week 7: 1,164 pages or 57.7%

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Lots of 7’s up there! Well, I finished The Hidden Life of Trees. That is all I included in my page total (200 for the week). Though, I am tempted to include the Writer’s Salon I am participating in on Tuesday evenings where attendees get to read 5 pages of writing– I listened to 25 pages last night– it was so inspirational!

I am worried about not reaching goal; however, my boss just sent me a book to read so I will use that as a double whammy. It’s called Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata. I’ll post about it next week, hopefully will be finished by then.

As far as finishing The Hidden Life of Trees, I loved the very last pages– which is an entry from a scientist who studies trees in academia. Her comments really brought the book to a wonderful close. If you happen upon this title I’d recommend just reading that last section for a great experience.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes, overall; however, I am not without criticism! 🙂 What else is new? As a scientist this book brought me some struggle– it is a little to anthropomorphized for my taste, but, I realize this makes it accessible to all kinds of people out there. It’s not the book- it’s me!


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