I finished reading this book today just so I could post.


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This was another book that took some time getting through. It’s equal parts laughter and tears. The author lost her father and her husband and had a miscarriage all within the time span of 6 weeks (I believe). It was a lot of loss within a very short period of time. While the death of her father was relatively unexpected, her husband was in and out of the hospital fighting brain cancer throughout their 3 year marriage. Nora tackles the grieving process with humor, pop culture references, and sweet memories. Her writing voice is very relatable,  not that I would ever be so brazen to say I understand what she’s gone through, but that she sounds like a friend I would want to meet for coffee with on a regular basis. At times throughout the book, the feels rushed in so much I needed some space. Even though she hides nothing, letting you know upfront in the beginning that these deaths occurred and there is no miracle cure waiting on that last page, her humor is a captivating empathic companion sure to be of assistance to anyone going through some shit.

I feel a little guilty though. What I really liked about this book was the ability to fall into its pages and read of someone’s personal tragedy allowing me a break from the political atrocities surrounding us. It was a reminder that there is love and loss within our personal bubbles and the people in our immediate lives are what get us through navigating this world.

3 comments on “I finished reading this book today just so I could post.”

  1. Daniela, this book sounds as if it’s doing exactly what a good book needs to do–to take us away from the wretchedness of the world while still reminding us that what we need most is to remember what connects us, the really good (love), and the really bad (loss). And no guilt needs to be attached!


  2. Well done, Daniela! I am so glad to see you here. This book sounds wonderful– as of late, I have been saying similar sentiments that you describe at the end of your post– I think the most important thing we can do right now for ourselves and for each other is to value and invest in our relationships.


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