Collected poems from May

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I read poetry pretty much everyday, at any time when I have a few minutes to myself. I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I also rip pages out of POETRY magazine and send them off to far flung or nearby friends in the mail. Here are some poems I’ve found over the last month, either from POETRY magazine or The Sun or wherever. Enjoy!

A piece of a poem from POETRY May 2017– I love the last line–

2017-05-06 11.02.36.jpg

A poem from POETRY May 2017– I felt this month’s edition had a lot of powerful poems that relate to the current politics in the USA:

2017-05-06 11.00.06

Such wonderful symbolism– again from POETRY May 2017:

2017-05-26 16.30.50

From Sun Magazine June 2017:

2017-05-27 11.00.45

Makes me want to go on a road trip!

A little one-liner from my eye doctor visit just yesterday:

2017-05-26 10.50.35

I’ll leave you with a little Emily Dickinson–


2017-04-12 15.41.04

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