First Three Books

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Ok- well, I have spent the last several weeks ordering and re-ordering my books to decide what I would like to read for our challenge this summer..  My teenage son just finished school, and we are shortly getting in the car for our annual trek to Maine, where I will have plenty of time to sit on porches and at lakes and piers with a good book.  I always try to bring something inspiring, that I can get lost in, on these trips..  So, I thought I would start with a selection of three books to bring on our trip.

Of course, vacation is always a good time for a fun and interesting novel- so I have chosen Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter- the cover is so inviting, a cliffside village in Italy, with warm blues and soft reds, pinks, golds and greens- a soft entry into the reading challenge..

In addition, I will be tucking Elizabeth Willis’s Address in my suitcase- I discovered her poems in ModPo last year- in one of the TA’s office hours, and the book has been been calling to me over the course of the last year.

Lastly, I will be bringing a lovely book that my son gave to me for Mother’s Day- we had been at a wonderful bookstore in Amherst, MA a few months ago- and I pointed out a book and said- Oh please, get this for me sometime!  I completely forgot that I had mentioned it to him, and he remembered (by taking a cell phone photo) and picked it up for me- what a delightful surprise!  Here it is: Thoreau and the Language of Trees:


I am looking forward to spending time with these treasures, and look forward also to hearing from all of you!  Happy reading!

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  1. Yum! Sounds like you will have a lovely trip- can’t wait to hear about your views while reading 🙂 It is one of my favorite parts of the summer reading challenge– the added allure of new locations, transience–

    You’re off to a great start- so glad you are with us!


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