Beyond the Scent of Sorrow



To kick off this summer challenge, I wanted something short to get me in the mood of reading. There are so many time-consuming tasks in my life (as I am sure with you all) that sometimes I get intimidated by a hefty page number.

This e-book was even shorter than advertised. It seems my Bergen County Library System has switched from using the Overdrive app to a new site called Hoopla and I’m still learning how best to navigate it. What was claimed as 40 pages, was really 34 after I downloaded it, which was really like 25 after acknowledgements, publication details, writer bio, and title pages. It was a good collection of poetry nonetheless. I admittedly don’t read all that much poetry. I think because I’m a creature of extremes. I either want a more drawn out story or to ruminate over a single line. Here is the most moving line from this collection (in my opinion):

“I don’t want to be the mouth of a princess

that gets kissed to remove the taste of a bad book”

-Sweta Srivastava Vikram

5 comments on “Beyond the Scent of Sorrow”

  1. Hi Daniela! I am with you on the starting off- I started with one of my shorter reads to get things going– it always feels good to finish a book when you know you’ve got a lot to read! ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it very motivating.
    I also love the lines you chose to share with us– did the author read her book in the audio?

    I think you may line Lorine Niedecker if you are looking for more awesome lady poets.


  2. It was actually an e-book, not an audiobook…although maybe I should look for an audiobook of poetry since rhythm plays equal parts to how it’s typed on the page. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    1. I love how I thought it was an audiobook simply because you read it! LOL– though I think it would be fun to listen to the poet read their own poems!

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  3. Those are such intriguing lines! And the “taste of a bad book” lingers so long–perhaps that’s why I’ve been dithering so much about what to send you in the book swap….but I will figure it out somehow, send it this week, and then hope for the best!

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