Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmstead


I don’t want to get into too much detail with this book because I sent it to Barbara and I don’t want to bias her opinion.

It’s extremely interesting and doesn’t only tell you what not to eat but gives you a history of different foods or random food facts that you wouldn’t necessarily know without going to culinary school.

Did you know tomatoes grow best in Naples, Italy and New Jersey?? FACT. There is something in the soil that makes them grow better there then anywhere else. Same with grapes from Walla Walla, Washington. That one made me happy cause that’s where my wine club is based. 😀

It also tells you what to look for in restaurants to make sure you’re not being duped by them using a lower grade fish or different cut of meat in order to save some money.

I look forward to hearing Barbara’s thoughts on it!

3 comments on “Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmstead”

  1. Very cool! I love learning about food and plants — we are growing lemon cucumbers this year. They are shaped like small round globes and you can eat them like an apple! Of course we are getting ready for pickling season 🙂


  2. This looks fascinating. I always feel more inspired by a cool and interesting approach to food than by stressful tactics on what to eat and how much..! Another book to add to my list 😉


  3. I know that tomatoes grow best in Naples because of the volcanic soil they are grown in. The buffalo mozzarella is best there too, because the buffalo graze on grass grown in the volcanic soil. This is why pizza is best in Naples. They’ve also perfected the crust! I’m curious why Jersey tomatoes are best, but I’ll take the win.


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