Everything, Everything by Nichola Yoon


I usually enjoy a good YA book. This was not one of those books. This book reads the way people who look down on YA must think they all read. It’s just a little too corny, the writing is very simple and the ending is beyond predicable. But with all that, they STILL don’t tie up all the ends properly.

The premise takes a page RIGHT out of the John Waters handbook. Teenage girl with a terminal illness ( she has a weak immune system and can never leave the house). Falls for the new guy next door, just by staring at him out her window!

Romance though G-chat ensues and now they must find a way to be together!!

I really hope you guys are getting my sarcastic tone through type.

So obviously, I found this book to be quite disappointing but I did finish it, so it gets a 2/5.

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