Week 1 Done: 204 pages, I think?

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In keeping with my commitment to 30 pages a day, I am tallying myself for week 1 at 204 pages.

I must say that I am enjoying slowing my reading and insisting that I read each day, instead of plow through works on the weekends. I find myself feeling the story from ANY DAY NOW sit with me and that feels good.

Just an update on that– Clay left New York after his girlfriend died in the bombing, and has reunited with Roads, the instigator who inspired him to leave and write poetry when he was in Ohio. I must admit, Clay is not writing any poetry currently. He’s actually reading science fiction.

He’s hanging out in Colorado, building a geodesic dome with a mixed bag of guests who come in and out. There is ugly and beauty in this story– you can imagine a sense of peace living there, but the same problems we all have still exist of course. The Vietnam War is ending, Clay’s uncle dies, a teen from another camp is abused by some asshole and ends up moving in to the dome– her name is Please.

There are a great many characters in this story so it is mentally challenging to keep them all in place, so reading this with care has been essential to my absorption.

How are y’all doing out there?

1 comments on “Week 1 Done: 204 pages, I think?”

  1. Good to hear from Clay…and though we lost EmCee with have gained Please. I have a thing about fictional characters’ names. Off I go–how did the author choose this name? You know like Clay is putty in Roads hands? That sort of thing.

    I think you can see why I don’t read especially quickly. I like to think about what the author is up to, go back and read language I like again, get sidetracked by fictional names of characters and places. But, so far, I haven’t fallen asleep without reaching my goal for the day. fingers crossed I FOUR hour lunch with my friend hasn’t been especially helpful toward reaching today’s goals. Happily talked out.


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