It’s your turn


It’s your turn.

What to do when it’s your turn [and it’s always your turn] by Seth Godin, is one of those books, in my mind, that you can’t really read all in one go, or just once! It requires thought and internal processing. As I like to tell my student’s it is information intended for in-formation.

Godin’s book is like a delectable high tea. Tiny morsels of goodness laid out invitingly. Distinctly arranged together they heighten and elevate each other. In its entirety, Godin’s book is a satiating meal but each page, each tidbit delights the senses. It is intended to inspire one to grasp a hold of their own life. To set aside fear and expectation and the shackles of our constructed ideas and ideals. It is an invitation to be who and what your inner self dreams. Words on paper speaking for the tiny voice, that we forget sometimes and not hear, or perhaps we shush- or has been shushed- too much.

I have been reading this book in pieces for over a year, one idea at a time. Turning over the pages and then the concepts in my mind- sometimes for months at a time before returning for the next. At the beginning of the winter session I had 90 of the 160 pages to go. I decided to move it more quickly along- because aside from this reading ‘challenge’, my dreams are impatient.

As urgent as the call is, I ascribe to the school of ‘good things take time. I enjoyed more to linger over it, like a good meal or delightful conversation. I haven’t quite finished this book, but I know for certain that when I do, I intend to read it again, and I believe you should too.

3 comments on “It’s your turn”

  1. It’s probably a very good strategy to slow down and absorb a book like this. I’ll (try) to keep it in mind. Thanks!


  2. This book sounds intriguing.. I am going to be adding it to my never-ending list of “To Be Read” books! Goodness knows, we could all use a little uplift and inspiration..


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