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How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell.

How to do Nothing is a manifesto on living in the present. Odell grounds the book and her message in the local bio diverse area of the San Francisco Bay giving detailed description of the plant, bird life, histories, human and community evolution and watershed features of the area. She asks us to look at these details in our own locations by connecting their importance to our own sense of place and time in the world.  Odell outlines and argues effectively against the attention economy that many of us already castigate, pointing out that railing against the media cycle and particularly social media is less effective than simply turning one’s attention to doing something else. For Odell that has manifested in a fascination with bird watching; for me it has been the pursuit of

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I will begin the summer in Joy.

Summer came so soon. I have been caught in the complexities of my own life and have barely read. All spring I have been attempting to read this book but have been hindered so here is one I plan to complete. It is the One book for my college this semester. I actually voted for it from a selection of four based only on brief descriptions and have already given a copy

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