Coming Downhill with Mr Mercedes



After finished Archy & Mehitabel,  I calculated I had 430 pages left to read before March 19th. I felt a sense of relief, and that my charging ahead in early weeks has prepared me for the limited time I am currently experiencing. At one point I thought I might be more like Teri and even get past the finish line, but alas–

Anyhow, a friend told me to check out Mr. Mercedes and I, as a writer, continue to try and understand why Stephen King is so radically famous. I have read The Stand — which I liked, but still do not fully understand why is has to be so long. I read most of Dreamcatcher, which just got too gross and my library due date came along so I bailed.

Here I am, attempting the first of a trilogy. The book is 436 pages, and when I saw that last night, I said it must be fate. With 430 pages left, I hit up the library and snagged the hardback with ease– looks like she hasn’t seen the light of day in a little while.

I’ll be chipping through this and am hoping to finish it by the 19th. I think it’s possible. I am reaching on my tippy toes, but I think I’ll get there. Will post along the way with this last read. I have to admit,  I am happy to just focus on one last book as we coast downhill– long gone are the days of my comparative literature efforts!

6 comments on “Coming Downhill with Mr Mercedes”

  1. I am feeling very much the same way. I have been hyper focused on three huge tasks with solid deadlines that always create the feeling that there isn’t enough time. I’m not even sure what my page tally is but I know I haven’t been reading consistently this last fortnight.

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    1. If you want to understand his process read On Writing – regardless of genre, he obviously has talent and is relatable so I’m seeking understanding of that. It’s a research read more than for pleasure – he and his career fascinate me. I do not want a career like his but he’s a very interested author who I think is pretty genuine and On Writing opened a lot of doors for me personally. I feel like the least I can do is read his books in the library !

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      1. Loved On Writing! One of my favorite books… I have not read very many of his novels, maybe three or four- and way back around my high school years. But, our family has a connection, as my Mom lived in Bangor for many years, about 1/2 mile from his house. It was a highlight of our visits to drive by and wonder if he was home. I will dig around to see if I can find a picture, as the house really is worth seeing- big, dramatic Victorian, surrounded by wrought iron black fence, with spiders and gargoyles.. just as you might imagine! Bangor adores Stephen King- he has given back a lot to the city, and is super active in the community. He built a little league stadium and has a radio station there too… 🙂

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  2. Stephen King will raise some conversation every time. It is my guilty secret that I’ve read some of his books: The Stand, Misery. But, yes, I swear he must somehow be paid by the word. It was laughable that someone said Mozart’s music had too many notes, but King’s books have too many words. On Writing sounds familiar, but I can’t swear that I’ve read it. Interested to hear what you have to say about the first book of this trilogy.

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