First Book Choice- No One is Coming to Save Us, by Stephanie Powell Watts



Hi everyone, I usually start my reading challenge off with a stack of books (which I have been re-organizing for a couple of weeks now).  But, I am just not sure exactly where my summer is going to lead me.  So, I decided that my first post would be the first book that I plan to read- No One Is Coming to Save Us.

My son gave me this book for my birthday back in February, and I have literally been too busy to finish it, though I have been drawn in by the writing style and the story-line… I am so happy to have the opportunity to really choose to sit down and read it this week, as opposed to trying to squeeze it into the sidelines of my life 🙂

Happy to be back in the groove of reading with all of you!

4 comments on “First Book Choice- No One is Coming to Save Us, by Stephanie Powell Watts”

  1. Hi Teri ~ Well, sometimes I mention a book, and he notes it and then surprises me with it.. But, the last few times he has gifted me books- he actually walks through the bookstore, usually for about a half hour, and picks books that he feels drawn to and thinks that I would like. I also have a book of poetry that he picked out along with this one that I will be including a little later in this summer’s challenge.. He is a wonderful kid, I am one happy mom 🙂

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