I’m a mess but I’m still here!



I was ambitious when I reached out to the group and had thought I might be able to get a reading list from people around me. That never happened! I have no stack- I am just diving into this reading session with zero planning.

I picked up this book when I visited the Berkeley Art Center a few weeks ago to see the Wonder Women exhibition. This book was from one of the artists– I am especially interested in labor rights, so this book immediately spoke to me.

Funny enough- Matilda’s American journey begins in Little Falls, NY. I had to go to Berkeley to get close to home.

The author, Robin Légère Henderson, had other pieces at the Berkeley Art Center that spoke a lot to me. One was an image of a smoke stack and in the cloud of smoke it say “breathe”. I did not take a photo, sorry.

I am looking forward to reading this over the next week and will follow up soon.


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