Book Six: And the Word, Poems by Cid Corman



I first discovered Cid Corman in ModPo- one of his poems is something of an anthem for the class.  But I truly fell in love with his work when listening to a celebration of his poetry on a video from the Kelly Writers House, where a beautiful poem was recited and discussed.  I don’t have the poem in front of me, but he perfectly captured the way I have experienced motherhood…..  in about five lines.

So, I purchased this book, And the Word, for my mother- thinking that she would appreciate his writing.  And, when she moved from her house this last spring, it somehow wound up in a box that I brought home with me of my mom’s belongings.  I just discovered it while digging around in my basement, and decided it would be nice to read it.  (And now I can send it back to her!)

One thing I can say is that Cid Corman is truly a character.  His poetry meanders from haiku-like simplicity to humor that catches you off guard to incredibly deep ponderings on life …  I loved turning each page, not knowing exactly what to expect.

I love this one:

Like a child again

holding a round stone

in my hand until


the warmth of my hand

warms the stone and I

feel comprehended.


And this:


All he had hoped for

was to paint the white

until the white ap-


peared in all its white

until the very

black of it came out


and all color felt 

precisely what it

had — to become — light.


Super love this one:

Out of nowhere —

or so it seems

to these eyes —


on bare boughs

a galaxy

of chickadees.


Reading poetry is such a lovely experience, and Cid Corman has a way with language that reaches straight to my heart.

4 comments on “Book Six: And the Word, Poems by Cid Corman”

  1. Thank you Meredith for reminding me of the absolute treasure of Cid Corman. I didn’t know about this book–what beautiful poetry!

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  2. I have only read LivingDying (I think that’s the title but I’m going off memory so apologies) — I will have to check this one out! My next book post will be about Marianne Moore’s Observations — perhaps because we are all gearing up for ModPo poetry is on the brain!

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  3. Oh, fantastic of you to bring us some Cid, Meredith! I LOVE what I call the “stone” poem. I hand it out to people who do and do not read poetry, and I tell them about the ModPo person who brought it to our attention. He keeps this poem in a frame on his nightstand, along with a stone he picked up from his grandfather’s grave. OK, I have tears in my eyes yet again…do you?

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    1. I absolutely love the stone poem, and knew that I remembered it from somewhere…… yes, of course- I do recall the poem in the frame now as well….. thanks for the reminder.. and the weepiness…!

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