Given Up For You


After reading Sejal Shah’s review about her friend’s book, I decided I wanted to read it.  I wanted to know more about Erin’s journey as it related to the tension that resulted from falling in love with a women at about the same time that she fell in love with Catholicism.  When I graduated from Union Theological Seminary in NYC, I worked as a campus minister at Penn State for a brief time.  It was the mid-nineties, and, for the most part, the Christian Church was not open to the LGBT community; I was responsible for ministering to LGBT students.  As I read the memoir my own experience with my students came back to me.  I connected to Erin’s journey in so many ways.  I smiled when I read that the Unitarian minister that married Erin and Chris graduated from Union.  The author’s vulnerability is expressed through her honesty as she shared both the joys and the heartfelt struggles of her journey.  Faith struggles are still very real for many who feel a deep calling to a Church that still is not universally accepting.

2 comments on “Given Up For You”

  1. I am so glad you picked up this recommendation – it seems way too appropriate for you not to! You have shared some of your stories about this time in your life but I would love to know more about the overlap you and the author experienced, which you mention. You are such an awesome woman!


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