Week 4: Poetry for Young People



I think the word young is not necessary in the title, though I respect the purpose. The illustrations are wonderful in this book and brought the poems to life. I love books like this that have visuals with poetry – sometimes I can be pretty dense and totally miss the idea of a poem when I read it — the illustrations give me clues to think about.

I took it easy this week, and I’m tracking my pages the way Kate has mentioned and I’m not counting them up until the end. I have a rough sense of my progress, but am very curious to see what my page total will be. This is free range reading!

Here’s a Nikki Giovanni poem from this book that I especially love:

2019-01-28 13.08.58

How are you, my dear friends?

6 comments on “Week 4: Poetry for Young People”

  1. Borkali, I am loving this poem by Nikki Giovanni. It just touches everything that matters. Really lovely. So glad you took it easy this week.

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    1. I’m so glad you like it – such a powerful reminder that we are always and forever changing/moving.


  2. Gotta love a love poem with the title “Resignation.”

    Thanks for asking how we are, Borkali. I’m well. Trying to get it into gear to write something about Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things” which I finished days ago. It’s a big book.

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