Well, while I fell far short of reaching 2019 pages, I have enjoyed this electronic salon immensely. Such a variety of writing to peruse, it has been pure pleasure. I have to say that I am sorry to see it stretching toward the last lap.

Winter is a restless time for me. Cold, snow, brief daylight, all conspire to short circuit my brain a bit. There are a handful of books I began and did not finish or barely started. One would think it would be the perfect time to hunker down and read, but I find my attention drawn outside, always. And while we are not exactly snowed in, one has to keep to shovelled pathways or else forge through crusty, knee deep snow. Smithsonian and the Monitor were my companions this winter, with some lengthy New Yorker essays thrown in.

Thank you, A, for inviting me to join this group. My tsundoku has grown, my exchange book lies waiting, a gorgeous sunny day lifts me and I look forward to the last lap here.

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