1,915 pages


Well, 95% of goal seems reasonable considering how the last few weeks have been a flurry of activity and very little reading. I calculated this number before I left for my trip and had accepted this would likely be my final page count even though that was two weeks ago.

I still have my swap book — untouched — sitting on my bookshelf in Calif. Julie, I promise to get to this in the “off season”!

I especially like our sessions because I know I can go back and find books I wanted to read. It’s a bit of an archive in that way — I find myself asking “what was that book that J read that was about Antarctica” and things like that. Thank you all for contributing!


3 comments on “1,915 pages”

  1. Have to say that I’m impressed, Borkali. And I have to say that one of my favorite moments in our Winter Reading journey was your rescuing a book from the library’s dumpster. Resuscitation. We honor writers here.

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