A Spiritual Interview with George Washington



Today I was hanging out at my dad’s office and was looking through his bookshelves to find something to read. I found this and was completely blown away and read it in its entirety this afternoon– it is a short and uncomplicated read, but by far one of the stranger publications I’ve read to date.

This is supposedly a recorded interview between Okawa and George Washington, who claims to be both the king of America and the god of America within the text. He reports through the spiritual interview that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of George Washington himself.

The book was published before the election and has plenty to say about the evils of Hillary and the imminent death of America if she were to be elected.

Additionally, during the interview George Washington says he can’t remember the “black President’s name”  and calls him “Black Obama” throughout the interview. There are plenty of other deeply disturbing racist gems that I’ll leave for the imagination– of course George Washington supports Israel, too.

The author is the founder of the Happiness Realization Party which sounds fun.

An important question to ask is– where on earth did my dad get this wild literature from? A patient gave it to him. People are reading this stuff and believing it.


6 comments on “A Spiritual Interview with George Washington”

  1. Wow! My curiosity took me to Wikipedia. The author had a career in finance, but left his career and founded Happy Science in 1986, a controversial religion and spiritual movement.. He is currently a Japanese millionaire and leader of the movement. What an unusual find in your Dad’s office! A Japanese channel for George Washington!! Okawa has published over 2,300 books. It’s no wonder this book was a short and uncomplicated read.

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    1. At the back of the book it lists pages and pages of covers of his many books and also even has some lined note pages since he ran out of things to say, I guess?


  2. This sounds fascinating! I won’t go so far as to buy this “gem”, but if I ever come across it I will be reading it! Great find, Borkali.

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