I was hoping for a short book of poetry to come my way, and this one fell out of my biochemistry textbook while I was writing my final exam. I must have picked this up while I was in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Library last October. I read this a few times over, and there are some words and terms that are thematic for the poet: Argonaut, Jason, Great Archetypes, and lots of nature/plant terms about growth, flowering, and mention of specific plants and aspects of nature throughout. I have to say, I did find the titles distracting from the work. When I read it a second time through I ignored the titles, which helped me focus.

I like her dedication to ‘For the witches who must’

and a few lines of poetry that I marked (the inside cover asks specifically not to digitize pages):

‘What separates our sleep / from the sleep of wolves?’

‘Across the field I see the women I once was.’

‘The meaning in the leaves already is– / it waits here for its chance to be sensical.’



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  1. Borkali, it tickles me to imagine a book of poetry falling out of a biochemistry book; there’s something about that which invites exploration!

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