Mujeres de conciencia/ Women of Conscience


This is another Dave Donation (there are notes/ autographs from many of the women inside!), and is from 2007 by Victoria Alverado who is the author and photographer. Inside are wonderful images- the book is a large “coffee table” style collection of an overwhelming number of stories about women of conscience– a read I certainly needed during these trying political times.

Each woman has an essay about her after the array of photographs, and are in Spanish and English. I have not read each in detail, but have spent time with the book over the week and pulled a few quotes that remind us how “not new” any of what is happening with regards to immigration and the way women / children are treated (I wrote cheated initially and almost left it).

This book helped remind me how long people have been working on the very issues that are bubbling over during a hate-filled Trump administration. It renewed my faith that people are out there, working hard, and always have been– and always will be. We are not alone in our resistance!

“Migrant and seasonal farm workers are an invisible portion of our society. This population has always been undercounted in the census, which leads to less than representative participation in our government and perpetuates marginal, sub-standard living and working conditions.” – Irma Luna, Community Outreach Worker

I do it for the children. With each song, I hope to acquaint the young mind with the beauty of traditional Mexican music and culture. With each song I want to provide here, in the United States, a more rightful appreciation of Mexico’s culture through its musical history.” – Carmencristina Moreno, Musician

“It is critical that Latino views and opinions be heard in the United States Congress.” – Lucielle Roybal-Allard, United States Congresswoman

“To raise a good family that is educated, well developed, with the pride of their Mexican/Latino culture in the forefront and the extension of a helping, friendly hand to all.” – The goal of Nellie Trujillo, Community Activist

Seems like education is one of the last things Americans care about lately.

If you can get a hold of this, check it out!

5 comments on “Mujeres de conciencia/ Women of Conscience”

  1. And in Spanish, too! Women of conscience…men of conscience, especially, since they take up the majority of the seats of power…are much needed. Kudos to Neighbor Dave, once again.

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  2. What a great book to have made its way into your welcoming hands! A toast to all women of courage–I’m so sad about Toni Morrison, but her work will live on. What a wonderful writer! And a woman of courage! Many writers have been and will be lifted up by both her groundbreaking work and her helping hand.

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    1. Barbara, I too felt that deep loss and sadness when I read of Toni Morrison’s death. She was, is such a beacon. A writer and a woman of great courage. Beloved was the first book of hers that I read and it knocked me flat.


  3. Yes, borkali, what a find. Dave is such a wealth of generosity and resources. what a good reminder re pockets of truth, people who won’t give up working for what is right.


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