Mysteries of the Unknown, Isis Unveiled & The Secret Doctrine



At the library we receive all sorts of interesting donations and in the process of summer cleaning, I picked up a set of TIME-LIFE books with the overarching title, Mysteries of the Unknown. I have one on my desk called “Spirit Summonings” and have perused others such as “Witchcraft” and “Phantom Encounters”. These books are a sharp deviation from reading and teaching about nutrient metabolism and it feels good to be in another dimension these days.


In my wanderings through this series, I started reading about a woman named H.P. Blavatsky and ended up grabbing two of her seminal works from Better World Books. Her first book, Isis Unveiled, is described by the editor, Michael Gomes, as “Two volumes of more than fourteen hundred pages, Isis was a ‘cautious attempt’ to introduce the public to the idea of the existence of the esoteric tradition and its survival into modern times. Subtitled A Master-key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology, the book sought to unlock access to the ancient wisdom and allow a glimpse of its contents. The key had to be turned seven times, and in Isis is was, she affirms, given one turn.”

I have been sitting with Isis Unveiled and will have to wade through it a while longer, but suffice to say, it is a rich read. The chapter I sat with last night is called “Comparative Results of Buddhism and Christianity.”


Michael Gomes is the editor of both titles, and he continues about The Secret Doctrine, “The Secret Doctrine promised another turn of the key. Both Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine begin by referring to an old book, the only surviving original copy in existence. From it, many other occult works were derived. The product of the Divine Teachers of humanity in its infancy, it contains the fruit of their research into the hidden mysteries of nature and the powers latent in mankind.

Going to take a break from this now and fine something else to read, but wanted to share another book quest I’ve been on this summer.

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  1. Wow, borkali. That is a dive into a very deep pool. I can see why you need to come up for air. I must admit, it all sounds utterly fascinating.

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