The End of Summer Reading


I write this post with a chill in the air. I have no clue how many books I read, but it was fun. Thanks for being here!

Join us during Open Arts, where we explore the arts generally until we meet again for our Winter Reading Session.

Until soon,


7 comments on “The End of Summer Reading”

  1. My engagement with art this Fall may be through reading. I have some books I’d still like to write about. It was great spending the summer with everyone. Fall is in the air in State College, PA.

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  2. I feel like this has been Teri’s Xcellent Adventure this summer! I didn’t travel anywhere this summer, yet I traveled everywhere…with y’all. Many thanks, and especially to Borkali for organizing it each year.

    Of course, we’re all still reading. I am 5 CD’s into New York 2140, one of Julie’s recommendations, and digging it.

    And Texas is still sizzling!

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