All of these dogs are dead.


Hello all! I have been m.i.a. from the reading group for quite some time. I’ve had an extremely traumatic year as Borkali is well aware of. I may or may not share about that on this forum, but trust all of you readers to be supportive and welcoming. Now on to the reading!

My friend spotted this book first as we were wondering around The Strand. I had told her how it had been ages since I’ve read a REALLY GOOD CAN’T PUT IT DOWN type of book. (This was not that.) Having known my love of dogs and deep desire to adopt one and after falling for her Frenchie, this book caught her eye for me. I mean look at that puppy! Who could resist?

Well the inside flap made this book sound like it was about a love story between a 30-something woman and a dog-which is about all the kind of love story I could handle at the moment. The author never really fleshes out the specialness of her relationship with Otto (the dog I thought I was going to read about in a magical love story) and then he dies at 6 years old (very young for a dog). What follows are the details of her becoming involved with a Boston Terrier Rescue group. It’s not as funny as the inside flap promises and one by one I read about dogs dying. By the time I got to the end she still had 3 dogs living with her. Seeing as this book was published ten years ago, they’re probably dead too, the end.

I have a stack of books that I’ve acquired, but have put off reading. I’d be happy for recommendations though. Nothing sad/traumatic and nothing too sappy/fluffy (I lose interest in insincerity very quickly).

8 comments on “All of these dogs are dead.”

  1. Nice to find you here, Daniela. And the cover, yes, the cover may be worth the price of the book.
    Are you looking for fiction or nonfiction recommendations?

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      1. If you love language and interesting characters; if you love blurring the line between reality and myth; if you want to laugh and cry and, in the end, feel as though your heart has expanded, I recommend Mink River, by Brian Doyle.


  2. Welcome back! Here are a couple of light titles that I think are fun reads: The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell (true); The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett (Novella).

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