The Witch of Painted Sorrows


I somehow stumbled upon this book in my library app (Libby). It was refreshing to read a work of fiction that really captured my attention. It had everything: sex, painting, jewels, occult, psych wards, demonic possession/attempted exorcism, and even a duel! (You know, when two people decide to shoot each other). My only disappointment was that I saved the very end to finish tonight and it turned out to be a very short chapter that just leaped off from the previous and abruptly ended. I even went back to read the page before because it seemed like I was missing so much of the story. I don’t know if this is part of a series-perhaps that’s why it ended with so many pieces of the puzzle up in the air.

2 comments on “The Witch of Painted Sorrows”

  1. Sorry about the abrupt ending– sounds like you might be on the right track with the series or sequel situation. Glad you found something that at least wasn’t traumatizing to read 🙂


  2. Daniela, I love …”somehow stumbled…” having found several favorite books this way. Glad to hear it carried you along. Though the ending sounds most unsatisfying.


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