This book was recommended by a dear friend as an antidote to the sometimes overwhelming chaos we are enmeshed in these weeks. She was right, it was perfect.

I listened to the book, read by Douglas Thomas in his deep, resonant voice. It was an integral and beautiful reminder of what matters and how to embrace goodness in a troubled world. An open heart is, of course, the key. No surprise there. Isn’t it, after all, the key to everything?

The wisdom and humor of these two men is an inspiration and a great resource. The conversations between them are deeply moving. And entertaining! Clearly, they revel in each other’s company. The book concludes with descriptions of a few simple practices one can participate in to remind the heart to open, to stay open. Really lovely.

8 comments on “THE BOOK OF JOY”

  1. And now you pass on the gift to us. I could go for some lasting happiness in a changing world via a community of open hearts. Thanks, JNaz.

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    1. Yes, yes very entertaining. Both of these men are such deep wells of compassion and humor. I smiled and giggled a lot while listening to this.


  2. Two of the greatest examples of lived compassion in our time. We need their Joy right now! Thanks for sharing a wonderful resource.

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