Video BDay Card for my Mom and Reenvisioning my lifestyle


I learned how to make an animation with a transparent background, and was able to employ this new skill just in time for my Mom’s 66th bday!

Sharing with y’all now! Uploading it here, as I did not want to put my mom’s bday card on public on youtube.  The “Black Diamond” thing at the start is a family inside joke, and is comprised of the recorded voices of my brother, my wife, and myself.  ALSO–I feel like I have to share this because it is hilarious– I left a message on my brother’s answering machine asking him to send a recording saying “Black Diamond” and he promptly sent an email with not a couple, but FIFTEEN different recordings, including whispered versions. Too funny…..will put them to great use later.

The weather here in Kathmandu is great, and I’m really loving the quieter routine with slowly starting new plants for the garden every week and working on video, as well as a children’s gardening and cooking book . This time is making me re-evaluate how I want to live and spend my time and energy once the government enforced house arrest is over. Years ago, I had a dream of living in a countryside cabin, having a garden and vineyard, and writing children’s books. These days,  I’m choosing to see my apartment as an urban cottage where I do these things (ok maybe not the vineyard but I’ll take the tradeoff as there are many modern conveniences in my neighborhood). I am starting to realize (and walk the walk too) that I don’t need to drastically change my location to have the life I dreamed of.  YAAY!


3 comments on “Video BDay Card for my Mom and Reenvisioning my lifestyle”

  1. So glad you shared this, Leslie. You mom is uber lucky to receive such a cool card. And, importantly, I gotta say, I am deeply moved by your revelation re how to make your dream come true. So much of everything is perception. : )

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  2. Great post! I loved both the hysterical card (that birdie is so lovable!) and your reflections on life. I think that one of the few benefits of this horrific pandemic is that, for some of us, there is time to reflect. Even for me at 73 and retired with lots of free time, this time of being set apart from everyone in such a unique way has created a space for a much deeper dive into the meaning of life. Thanks for your thoughts.

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