I smiled, I laughed, I cried. Watch this. I think you will be glad you did.

6 comments on “BOLERO/JULLIARD”

  1. I love this place, JNaz! We took a tour years ago & I bought a T-shirt in the Juilliard bookstore. 🙂 Such an inspiring atmosphere there in Lincoln Center. There are two people in this video that I have been in the same room with. Veda Kaplinsky of the piano faculty comes to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth every summer (except this one) for a month-long event called Piano Texas. Students from everywhere apply to come for private classes and public masterclasses (that’s when I’m in the room.) They give recitals, as do the faculty. Veda’s teaching always blows me away, and I always become a better audience member as a result. The conductor, Fabio Luisi, is the Dallas Symphony’s new music director. We are over the moon to have snagged him…but then this season was canceled.

    Anyway, I think you can tell that I was lifted up by this video. Thank you for sharing it.

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    1. Yes, Teri, I remember you talking about the piano masterclass performances. So glad you enjoyed this. I keep meaning to rewatch but haven’t made the time yet. I keep giggling over the woman who was consumed by her couch…


  2. Thank you for the post! Lincoln Center is a magical place. Coincidentally, I just watched a streamed stage production of The King and I produced there. You can watch it free until 8pm EST May 10. It was incredible. We really need the arts right now! Here’s the website: The play runs 2hrs. 39 min. so give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy it. It’s a great gift, although they would love a contribution to The Actor’s Fund.

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    1. Barbara, I watched it yesterday. Great cast, great everything! I’m getting spoiled by having access to the pause button. The washer beeps? No problem. Pause and take care of it. 🙂

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    2. Had so hoped to watch this but was unable to carve out the time. Will keep an eye on the website for more. Thanks for the tip, Barbara.


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