This is not a contract.


Here’s a stack of a solid dozen. Not sure where I’ll start or end, but isn’t that how it goes? I’m looking forward to a Steinbeck study, potentially finishing the second half of the Neapolitan novels and learning more about the dark sides of empathy. Miriam Toews is an author I have followed and enjoy– was happy to find there was something new of hers to read.

And who knows what will show up as we read together? I can only guess based on our previous summers together.

You can see on the left of my stack there’s a number of textbooks that are almost as high that I’m using daily for my teaching this summer. Books aplenty!

5 comments on “This is not a contract.”

  1. Hi Alison! Happy to see your further exploration of Ferrante. I think I will add the series to my winter reading pile- as I have always been intrigued by her- I found “The Days of Abandonment” devastating, but it left such a mark. Love the title “Strawberry Girl” 🙂 and of course Stein(beck)- very cool list of books. Look forward to seeing where this reading journey takes you……!

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