Interesting Opportunity From Pioneer Works (Host Location for The Universe in Verse)


I am busy reading Apeirogon by Colum McCann–I think someone here recommended it before the pandemic.  The library is finally open here, so I checked out a copy.  I’ll write more on the novel when I finish.

Meanwhile I thought this online event sounded fun.  I signed up and thought I’d share the information.  Here’s a description.


Poncili Creación
July 30, 9 pm
Join performance group Poncili Creación for a night of livestreamed, collaborative puppetry performance.

Poncili will perform an improvised set of puppetry inspired by the audience texts received in the livestream chat. As texts are read, Poncili and the audience will create a back and forth soup of ideas that are turned into images that are turned into ideas and so on. In this soup, we’ll find the creation of the feeling of close interactions whilst being far apart. Tune in to witness an exquisite corps in the making with the option to become part of it just a click away.

You can get more info. and sign up at:

2 comments on “Interesting Opportunity From Pioneer Works (Host Location for The Universe in Verse)”

  1. Thanks for passing this along, Barbara. Don’t know that I will make it but hope to hear about it. : )


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