“Ancient Nepal by D R Regmi” or “I Haven’t Read a Single Book but wanted to say Hi”


Hi All!

Despite valiant intentions I have not read any books at all this summer, which is really surprising to me. I have been slowly plugging along through a dense and tedious, albeit informative, book called Ancient Nepal by D R Regmi. I have learned lots of little neat factoids like which neighborhoods of Kathmandu are the oldest, and about where certain ancient cities in the region are rumored to have existed once upon a time. I like that the author clearly talks about his sources during the reading (although it gets wordy) and that it flows almost like an old grandpa telling a story about his own research (what a windbag haha). It adds to the ambiance that the author is actually a relative of the man who owns the house in which our flat is located. The Mr. Regmi who owns our house is a political scientist and his father is another renowned historian of Nepal. I read a few pages at night but that’s about it! I just wanted to check in to say hi to the group.

I’ve been doing so little these days as another lockdown has started throughout Nepal and its been an unavoidable/unconscious coping strategy to slow down all parts of life. So, while I have 24 hours free every day and can do whatever whenever, I end up napping, enjoying the cool breezes that break the heat occasionally, planning more time-consuming meals, cleaning up after the twice daily mud-creating monsoon rains, etc. I spend a lot of time sweeping, which is kind of good because it is at least some exercise. Suman (my wife) and I make up stories about the insects we see hanging out on our patio garden

its like he was posing–such a diva! we think he works as a dancer at night
did she start with the munchies or end up with them afterward?

I’ve also been delving into the world of video production a bit more, working on some projects to promote a campaign we are calling “Buy Local First”. This will be a fun challenge to try new skills. As of recent, we have a scriptwriter and 2 actresses and we are working virtually to create a satirical skit which will be in a talk show format–I will share when finished–it will have english subtitles. In addition I’ve been dipping my toe into electronic music production (just learning the basics and puddling along at my own pace to try to figure how to do these things without a MIDI keyboard)–basically just so that I can add originality to the sound engineering for the video skit.

the intro, which put my amateur animator skills to use

Well, that is our update from “The ‘Du”. Hope you are all well!

5 comments on ““Ancient Nepal by D R Regmi” or “I Haven’t Read a Single Book but wanted to say Hi””

  1. I was so glad to read your post. Thanks for pictures of your natural world. I really wish we could all join you and Suman for one of your time-consuming meals. And what fun to know about the historians who are connected to the history book you are reading. Good luck on your project–I’m anxious to see more.

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    1. Thanks Barbara! We wish you could come over too! The meals are pretty normal, but everything is from scratch. Today, it was semolina noodles with homemade (and homegrown) pesto, along with a grated onion and chayote squash soup and homemade bread, red radish and cucumber salad with homemade vinaigrette (white veggie homemade vinegar, honey, mustard oil, and himalayan black salt). Come over anytime!

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      1. My mouth is watering, Leslie! Sorry to hear about the necessity for another lockdown, but I’m glad action is being taken. We drag along here, with people shouting at one another–an even quicker way to spread the virus. So much hot air.

        It is just a delight to see you here. I was just thinking of you and Suman and Daniela and Barbara this morning. What a conversation we had. My Spousal Unit is still practicing his sourdough bagel baking technique. He boiled and baked another batch this morning. Such stick-to-it-ivness! And they actually look pretty near to Daniela’s.

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  2. Ok, that sounds delish. Thanks for having us for a meal! I think that doing “…so little these days…” can be a gift as it changes the texture of time and allows us the luxury real living, cooking, thinking…

    And I love that you are wading slowly through this book, even as it may not be riveting. That connection to a place and its history is so valuable.

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