Slow reading


I am slowly reading and thoroughly enjoying On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, inspired by Teri’s review a year ago in addition to conversations about Ocean Vuong and studying his poetry.

I am hoping to finish this before our summer reading session ends, and maybe another book if possible. Reading is going slow here. With summer classes over and the fall semester already begun, my eyes have been elsewhere.

I hope during Open Arts y’all will join me in continuing to read and explore art through the fall.

I find that I usually succeed or exceed the reading goal for one session, and fall short in another. That’s some kinda balance, haha.

How’s it by you?

4 comments on “Slow reading”

  1. I find I have lost my goal orientation this summer but I must say that not having an intention as to which books I would read, just reading things that came up, has been a pleasure. Kindness to oneself and others is the word these days! I hope the fall semester treats you and your students well. I’ll be reading and sharing.

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  2. I never can manage goals, but I love reading. It’s a treat to have this forum where we can all share what we read. I am thankful for all the wonderful reviews. I loved Ocean Vuong’s novel. I hope you continue to savor his work. I plan to be a part of our ongoing conversation.

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    1. I’m about 150 pages until the end of the book– made some headway today after a lot of picking up and putting down between this & that–

      love knowing you both will be around this fall!

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