A Documentary-The NY Review of Books


OK, this is a film but it is about books and reading. This 1-1/2 hour documentary was made on the occasion of The Review’s 50th anniversary in 2013. If I remember correctly, it is available to view until Sept. 7. I know you’ll like it.


“Mailchimp Presents.” Who knew?

6 comments on “A Documentary-The NY Review of Books”

  1. I spent a wonderful evening watching The NY Review of Books. There is so much I have not read. The good news is, I will never run out of material. So many brilliant minds and outstanding writers in one program–WOW! Thanks, Teri.

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  2. Teri, thank you. Thank you for steering me toward this, something I never would have found on my own. I needed something to massage my brain tonight and this was perfection. What an incredible literary history!

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