Trapped in smoke – with so much of the west on fire – no sky, no stars, no distance. We are in a murky gray bubble, a smudged sphere, and I keep coming back to this piece I read in Orion magazine a few months ago. I have linked it here previously – Brilliant Forests, Burning, by Becca Rose Hall – but, because I find the language so beautiful, I thought I would record it and link it here for you to listen to. Figure since this is a closed space I do not have to worry about copyright issues.

No red skies here as the sun cannot even break through…

9 comments on “FIRE”

  1. JNaz, I have to tell you that my heart plummeted when I saw the word “fire” in all caps coming from you. Thump, thump, thump. I’m trying to calm down.

    Reading that piece aloud and recording it was what I’ve been intending to do, so this is great. I’ll look forward to listening after I’ve collected myself. I’ve been concerned about my California, Oregon and Washington friends…and, of course, the people I don’t know, too.

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  2. A Saturday evening treat as I retreat from Birthday sweets — Thank you, JNaz for taking the time to read this for us to slow down with. I must confess- the space is open/public, though I take full responsibility for all posted here. I feel your reading makes the piece more accessible if anything and given my experience reading on the air, I think since we are well cited we are quite safe. If you have any fears let me know and I can privatize this post! Your ease is most important to me– this is a wonderful creation. I am so grateful to hear your voice ❤

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  3. I leaned on Timothy’s bakery in Woodland– a reliable local spot. Neighbor Dave came by for a toast — quickly — since sitting outside is not a great idea at the moment 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for recording this painfully loving and lovely piece of writing. Your recording made Becca Rose Hall’s words so powerful. Quite a gift.

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  5. Thank you all for listening. This piece just rocks me every time I read it and I just felt compelled to read and share. “…painfully loving and lovely…” is such a fine way to describe it, Barbara. Thank you for that. And glad I could bring you a sweet retreat, borkali. I will trust your judgement on the copyright issue. And Teri, I am so sorry I alarmed you. Quiet your thumping heart…

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