More RBG


I found my way to this brief essay via LitHub and wanted to share it with all of you. There has been, and will be, so much written about her. This one is worth your attention. ❤

4 comments on “More RBG”

  1. Just love this, JNaz. When Ebershoff wrote about a chronicle quietly biding its time, I thought of the rabbi who spoke at her perfect service, explaining that Justice Ginsburg’s dissents were written for a future in which their guidance will be welcome. May it be so. (I want to read those dissents.) Thank you, thank you.

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  2. I loved this essay. I noticed the author, David Ebershoff, wrote The Danish Girl which was made into a movie. I liked the film, and now I want to read the novel. So many things in the world are connected, and I am made aware of so many connections through this blog. Thanks everyone!

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