Boulangerie des Accents


Suman and I made this in September. I need to redo the subtitles, because in addition to the major problem of subtitles overlapping, one either needs to read super fast, or pause the video.

Next episode will be in English language and all the backgrounds are already finished! We are waiting ’til we are not super tired from this virus to work on Episode 2 in earnest.

Follow the antics of Mr. Chapeau, Mme. Trema, the three E kids, and other French letter accent characters as they transcend space and time – all while living the routine life of running a family bakery in the usually overlooked Calais, France. French language lesson for Savoir vs. Connaitre included!

4 comments on “Boulangerie des Accents”

  1. What a fun (and educational) collaboration! I love the sound of French and love being able to pat myself on the back that I can understand some of it. Very heartening. Kudos! Looking forward to more.

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  2. Leslie you know how to have a good time 😀 This was great fun to watch! Thank you for sharing ❤


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