Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate In A Torn America by Maria Hinojosa


I watched an interview with award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa when her book came out.  I was already familiar with her journalism; she often appears on major news broadcasts.  I am very glad I decided to read her memoir.  She is a great storyteller; her book is an intimate description of her life growing up as a Mexican immigrant.  She gives a heartfelt description of herself as a survivor, feminist, citizen and journalist, as well as a moving account of her struggles to maintain healthy relationships, especially with her husband and family, as she works with determination to fulfill her dream of becoming an NPR journalist.  Hinojosa’s honest and vulnerable account provided me with a window into what it is like to be an immigrant from a marginalized community here in the U.S. where immigrants of color are targeted as alien and unwelcome.  Her life’s work certainly motivates me to continue to sign petitions, write letters to my government representatives, and submit letters to the editor of my local paper.  There is so much to be done, but there are also many exceptional people leading the way.  Hinojosa did achieve her dream.  She airs her radio program, Latino USA, on NPR.  I decided to listen, and I found a two-part series that exemplifies her award winning investigative journalism skills.  While difficult to listen to, the series furthered my feeling of partnership with others fighting for justice.  That is something I personally need to give me hope for a better future.  You can find episodes #2035 & #2036 of Latino USA at https://www.latinousa.org/full-shows/.  While the radio story is not current, it is relevant. The Eloy Detention Center is still in operation. The book and the series are both well worth the time.  

3 comments on “Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate In A Torn America by Maria Hinojosa”

  1. This is inspiring, Barbara. Especially appreciate the amount of detail you offer in your review, in telling her story and how it affected you personally. Thanks for this.

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