“Beans” by Mary Oliver


During my first visit back to Woodland Public Library in almost a year, I took in the view — new carpeting, lower bookshelves to let more natural light in. Giving the building some space has certainly made for some improvements! The entire literacy center has been remodeled, though is empty yet thanks to COVID-19.

I made a beeline for the poetry section and felt the urge to take out every Mary Oliver book on the shelf, of which there were six. I’ve been reading and re-reading them over couple weeks. The poem “Beans” was discovered and felt worth sharing here.

Source: http://ciaosamin.com/ciao/aosamin.com/2015/01/beans-by-mary-oliver.html

4 comments on ““Beans” by Mary Oliver”

  1. I love the way that this poem just drops me into the garden. Such a familiar space! And just as fine as the poem is that gorgeous image. Love it. Though I do take issue with pondering the lack of intelligence in plants.

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  2. Thanks, Borkali. Aren’t all of these hyphenated words interesting? What — breaking those words like you break snap beans? And something more personal: I used to be referred to as a string bean when I was a kid. 🙂

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