The End of Winter Reading


Thank you all for participating in winter reading. Today is the last day of our session where we each attempted to read 2,021 pages over ten weeks, though none of us really know how much we read. I think I may have read more because I wasn’t counting but we will never know. Whether through the blog or our meetups, reading together and sharing has been a great experience to help shepherd me through winter — I hope you feel the same. The days are getting longer, I’m spending even more time outside and am actively trying to finish the Color Labs manuscript.

Open Arts will be the theme until we get to summer reading. I was searching around the interwebs and found a lot of interesting reading challenge ideas. Perhaps we should do something different this summer reading session?

Day one of Spring Open Arts and I’m thinking about Summer…! I can’t help myself. This first list is for kids but hey, I wouldn’t mind reading a book about bugs. The second one is like a bingo map that could be interesting. We could do a hybrid of both or none at all! I am curious your thoughts? During the summer reading sessions I like to at least encourage some overlap with our reading. Perhaps this is a gentle way. We could put everything from both lists and generate a random 10 that we could use as a scaffold, or we could each select 10 from both lists and use on our own? I’m thinking out loud šŸ™‚

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