Open House for Butterflies


I’ve been reading this book to the wee one hanging around and it is fun to read. I love the illustrations — and the short sentences, such as ‘when a baby is born there should be a parade’ or ‘a screaming song is good to know if you have to scream’ — all true.

I used my ‘on the shelf’ square for this one though I realize I’ll be pulling more off my shelf and already am planning on breaking the bingo rules 🙂

@foshee07 is deep into her bingo board already — an inspiration for us all!

What are y’all up to? I’m excited to read together this summer.

5 comments on “Open House for Butterflies”

    1. Thank you for these, Barbara. I had never seen Sendak interviewed and, I am sorry to disappoint him, but he is absolutely charming.

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  1. I love anything with Maurice Sendak’s name on it. : ) This looks like a good one. I actually have a distant but clear memory of sitting in the school library in second grade, the day the librarian said, with a twinkle in her eye, “I have a very special book to read you today.” She was clearly very excited. It was, of course, Where the Wild Things Are, and had just been published. Such a long time ago and still I remember the thrill of hearing it for the first time. And those pictures!

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  2. Ah, Maurice Sendak. I came across a Sendak retrospective at The Jewish Museum in NYC years ago and it was WOW. Massive. I could have stayed in there for days. Love his work.

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