Peek-a-Boo Forest


Sometimes I use food words to describe literature — delicious, nutritious — and this book, Peek-a-Boo forest is where book meets food. This book can be chewed upon and has textural components that make crinkly noises that are very enjoyable to new ears.

Plus, there are lots of exciting creatures to discover hiding in the forest if you don’t fall asleep with this book on your belly.

What bingo square does this fit?

5 comments on “Peek-a-Boo Forest”

  1. Well, it fits the “Books to Chew On” space, Borkali! Sometimes I chew on books, but only ones I own, not the library’s books. 🙂 Is that a handy handle I see on this book?

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  2. Sounds like Angel is getting lots of TLC! How about the Bingo space “made you laugh?” The cover certainly made me smile!

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  3. Love it, borkali. And there should be a square for books you fall asleep with on your belly.

    I love those crinkly, scrinkly books.

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