The 1619 Project


I thought I would pass on this opportunity. I have not read the controversial New York Times The 1619 Project. It is available for free at:

From the New York Times description of the project:

“The 1619 Project began with the publication, in August 2019, of a special issue of The New York Times Magazine containing essays on different aspects of contemporary American life, from mass incarceration to rush-hour traffic, that have their roots in slavery and its aftermath. Each essay takes up a modern phenomenon, familiar to all, and reveals its history. The first, by the staff writer Nikole Hannah-Jones (from whose mind this project sprang), provides the intellectual framework for the project and can be read as an introduction.”

I received the information from the Episcopal Divinity School at Union. It is the seminary’s Fall semester community read and will be followed up with speakers throughout the term. The first speaker is Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, the author of The 1619 Project’s essay on the barbaric history of sugar production in America; the talk will take place on October 7, 2021 at 6 pm EST. I assume the event will be available on zoom and/or youtube.

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  1. I have read the opening essay (which won a 2020 Pulitzer Prize) by Nikole Hannah-Jones. She’s the professor who was refused tenure at the University of North Carolina for her connection to The 1619 Project both as the creator and a contributor. Public pressure caused UNC to reconsider offering tenure, but Hannah-Jones decided to take an offer from Howard University. Her essay is very powerful. The Project includes poetry and some powerful photos. That’s a definite plus.

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