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On the flight back to Sacramento last night, I tore up the July/Aug POETRY Magazine and decided to squeeze this into the activism/social justice square for BINGO since there was so much relevant writing in this category, especially some of the editorials from poets laureate that are mixed into this issue.

For example, Debora Kuan’s Poetry as Expansive Compassion (LINK) coupled with her poem “The Night After You Lose Your Job” (LINK) were timely, powerful. In particular, the last coupla years assault on women in the workforce make this poem stand out to me.

5 comments on “POETRY Magazine”

  1. So glad to have read these, borkali. Especially, especially these last few lines from The Night After You Lose Your Job –

    You arrived here, at this night, in one
    piece, from a lifetime of luck
    and error, with something necessary to give.

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