THE STABILITY FANTASY by Emmett Fitzgerald


This essay is worth a read. I especially love the way he talks about our relationship with time.

3 comments on “THE STABILITY FANTASY by Emmett Fitzgerald”

  1. I was just having a very similar conversation about time with a friend. The Earth is ultimately as mortal as each of us and all of us–of course, the heartbreak is that we are currently contributing to our own suffering and the possible demise of humankind. I was also sharing my need to consciously create a sacred space in my imagination–a refuge–a place not to escape to but rather to rest in. I’m so grateful that there are kindred spirits who voice struggles similar to my own–including you and the contributors to this blog. To only live in the world’s crises, which cannot be ignored, is as disempowering as living in total denial. Thank you for sharing the article.

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    1. Much wisdom in what you have written here, Barbara. I love this idea of an interior refuge, a place of rest. And yes, to live only in crisis is unsustainable and immobilizing. We must get out in it, in one way or another. : )

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